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From our guest house you can go anywhere in Osaka within 40 minutes!

★ Osaka city ★ Popular sightseeing spot

Osaka Castle, USJ, Dotonbori in one day !!

  • Osaka CastleOsaka Castle

    Osaka Castle

    Even if the current Osaka Castle is a hi-tech building rebuilt from the ground it still keeps the charm of the old days! 

    25 minutes on foot.

  • Universal Studios JapanUniversal Studios Japan

    Universal Studios Japan

    A spectacular worldview for movie lovers!

    30 minutes by train.

  • DotonboriDotonbori


    If you say Osaka, you say Dotonbori & Glico signboard! One of the best spot for snapping and tasting soul food in Osaka!

    20 minutes on foot.

  • TsutenkakuTsutenkaku


    The lighted-up Hitachi tower domains the scene and gives at the place a beautiful night view. Touch the back of the foot of Billiken for good luck, and taste one of the most popular food in Osaka: kushikatsu deep fried sticks!

    10 minutes by train

  • Sky BuildingSky Building

    Sky Building

    One of the best spot in Osaka for taking picture from an upper view. In the evening much better!

    15 minutes by train

  • Osaka AquariumOsaka Aquarium

    Osaka Aquarium

    The largest indoor aquarium in the world, which accommodate also the great whale shark.

    15 minutes by train

★ Osaka city ★ Shopping districts, Yokocho and Downtown market

Street food & shopping!

  • Shinsaibashi-Suji Shopping StreetShinsaibashi-Suji Shopping Street

    Shinsaibashi-Suji Shopping Street

    With a history of more than 300 years, it’s the most-known shopping spot in Osaka, running parallel on east to Mido-Suji Avenue. Shops of all kinds are lined under the roofed, 600 meters-long the street. Traditional garment, western clothing, footwear retailers and boutiques that features the latest fashions attract rivers of tourists from all around the world. 

    15 minutes on foot

  • Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping StreetSennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street

    Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street

    Famous for its manufacturing shops and stores of cooking utensils and kitchen items. Osaka people call it "Kitchen of the world", and despite it’s just 150m-long, is one of the most crowded place of the city, very popular among students and young people.

    10 minutes by train

  • Tenjinbashisuji Shopping StreetTenjinbashisuji Shopping Street

    Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street

    With its 2.6km is the longest shopping street in Japan. Inside the arcade you can find approximatively 600 stores, most of them of long tradition; kimono shops, tea store, old-fashioned diners, knife shop, chinaware and so on. In the same area you can find Osaka Tenmangu Shrine, and the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living. Additionally, Tenjin Festival on July 24th and 25th, with its portable shrines parade, outdoor stalls fills the air with spirits and atmosphere.

    5 minutes by train

  • Hozenji YokochoHozenji Yokocho

    Hozenji Yokocho

    A narrow, stone-paved alley next to Dotonbori Street which gives you a portrait of what Osaka was look like hundreds of years ago. Lined on both sides of the alley there’re small restaurants, shops and cafes. At the west gate there’s also a Buddhist temple with a famous moss-covered Buddhist figure.

    20 minutes on foot

  • Kuromon MarketKuromon Market

    Kuromon Market

    Osaka gourmet is here! 600 meters long with more than 150 shops, the most of which specialize in the fresh and best quality fish, meat, vegetables and other ingredients from all around the country.

    5 minutes by train

  • Shin-sekaiShin-sekai


    Just a few steps beside Tennoji Park, this area is one of the most interesting place in Osaka. Untouched over the years the area flourished with Japanese-style pubs, cheap restaurants and other entertainment that attract a lot of tourists and local. Here, Kushikatsu (deep fried sticks) are a must try!

    10 minutes by train

★ Osaka city ★ Electric shop & Department Stores

Electronics made in Japan, old fashioned items, huge department store with goods and services of the highest level and quality!

  • Nipponbashi DENDEN TownNipponbashi DENDEN Town

    Nipponbashi DENDEN Town

    With its electrical equipment and appliances discount stores DENDEN Town is one of the largest commercial districts in Osaka, along with Akihabara in Tokyo. 

    10 minutes by train

  • BIC camera Namba StoreBIC camera Namba Store

    BIC camera Namba Store

    A mega department store which offers a large variety of electronics of any kind at reasonable prices.

    15 minutes by train

  • Don Quixote Dotonbori StoreDon Quixote Dotonbori Store

    Don Quixote Dotonbori Store

    ①An enormous quantity of various products,
    ②Discounts & exempt from tax available
    ③Open 24 hours

    20 minutes on foot

  • Abeno HarukasuAbeno Harukasu

    Abeno Harukasu

    Just a few steps from JR/Subway Tennoji station and Kintetsu Abenobashi station. With its 16 floors is the tallest building of its type in Japan. Inside you can find premium brands shops, trendy shops, and 44 restaurants.

    15 minutes by train

  • Daimaru Shinsaibashi branchDaimaru Shinsaibashi branch

    Daimaru Shinsaibashi branch

    This department store has two main buildings, 4 stores underground and 16 above ground. The best place for buying luxurious brand name items in all the city. Only for foreigners are available special coupon 5% OFF usable with credit cards payment.

    15 minutes by train

  • Takashimaya Osaka StoreTakashimaya Osaka Store

    Takashimaya Osaka Store

    Located in Nanba area just beside Nanba transportation hub, this department store sells both traditional and emerging fashion items and food of the best quality. Recommended to buy Osaka souvenirs and petit luxury lunches and take out them.

    15 minutes on foot

★ Osaka city ★ Here's some tips and suggestions

Enjoy your best Japanese band in concerts at Kyocera Dome and Osaka Castle Hall!

  • Kyocera Dome OsakaKyocera Dome Osaka

    Kyocera Dome Osaka

    Called also Osaka Dome, Kyocera Dome is a multipurpose facility, including concerts and sport events.

    15 minutes by train

  • Osaka Castle HallOsaka Castle Hall

    Osaka Castle Hall

    Located near the Osaka Castle Park, it’s the largest hall in all western Japan. Various exhibitions, concerts, sport events, ceremonies, and conventions are held here every year. 

    10 minutes by train

  • Yanmar Stadium NagaiYanmar Stadium Nagai

    Yanmar Stadium Nagai

    Also known as Nagai Stadium, it’s a five-story stadium with a capacity of 50,000 people. It serves numerous international competitions, such as the annual Osaka International Ladies Marathon.

    20 minutes by train

  • Rental BicycleRental Bicycle
  • only for guests

    Rental Bicycle

    As the city has bicycle friendly, with just 500 JPY (all the day) you can rent a bicycle and go anywhere in Osaka!


One World Osaka Central
Surrounding area information

Sakaisuji Honmachi area is the right place if you want to eat delicious spice curry!
Best Osaka gourmet shops are hidden just a short walk away!

  • Okonomiyaki



    2 minutes on foot.

  • Udon


    Honmachiseimenjo main shop

    5 minutes on foot.

  • Indian curry

    Indian curry

    KoronbiaeitoSakaisujihonmachi shop

    2 minutes on foot.

  • Sri Lankan style curry

    Sri Lankan style curry

    Curry orDeccao

    9 minutes on foot.

Supermarket convenience store and bank branches are all a couple of minutes away.

  • Convenience store

    Family Mart Kitakyuhoujimachi
    1-chome shop(24hours)

    1 minutes on foot.

  • Supermarket

    Life Senba shop

    2 minutes on foot.

  • Drugstore

    Sugi Drug Kitakyuhouji shop

    2 minutes on foot.

  • bank branches

    Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Senba Chuo Branch

    5 minutes on foot.

*Please check information about opening hours directly, as information published below could change depending on shop policy.

  • Handmade gourmet map
  • only for guests

    Handmade gourmet map

    Please feel free to ask at reception staff neighbouring gourmet information, and directions!

Kansai round tour

Short trip from Osaka

The charm of Kansai is not only shrines and temples but scenic landscapes, sea, mountain, and eternal natural element.

  • Kyoto

    About 1 hour and 10 minutes by train

  • Himeji

    About 1 hour 40 minutes by train

  • Nara

    About 1 hour and 10 minutes by train

  • Koyasan

    About 2 hours 10 minutes by car

  • Kobe

    About 1 hour by train

  • Arima Onsen

    About 1 hour 40 minutes by train